ERS & VET Sector

There are many small and medium sized organisations, charities and third sector organisations successfully delivering government / externally funded employment, skills and training programmes and community development activities. These organisations have sustained their presence through significant and major changes to government policy, a move to Prime Contractor funding models and a reduction in grant and discretionary funding. However, we continue to see increased competition, further funding cuts and on-going development of public procurement and out-sourcing models. More than ever, organisations need to focus on future strategy, identify the right direction of travel and navigate a complex funding arena – not only to be sustainable but to maximise business potential and continue to grow.

If you face these challenges, then Future Excel can advise and support you in the strategic development of your organisation by working in partnership with you to unlock the value of your business. We take a holistic approach to your business and by doing so we can help you:
– Increase your market share and spread your customer dependencies
– Increase performance and margins
– Develop and implement quality operational systems
– Develop skilled and motivated people
– Create a low cost and effective marketing and communication strategy in order for you to stand out from the crowd

Future Excel Achieving Excellence Together